Issue 1.

Issue 1.

Let the River Flow is an experimental zine, depicting a visual conversation between twenty photographers from around the world. The artists have responded to a previous photograph with one of their own, creating a continuous flow of captivating imagery. Photographers from Guatemala, Venezuela, Singapore and more have been brought together in this twenty-eight-page handbound zine. Together, there exists a narrative both beautiful and disquieting - as the reader is swept forwards into a world otherwise unseen.

Featured in Issue 1.

Niamh Hejsak, Andy Pilsbury,
Jess Keatley, Peter Flude,
Robert Darch, Arabelle Zhuang,
Amara Eno, Harry Lawlor,
Juan Brenner, Aster Reem David,
Josh Adam Jones, Kori Burgess-Noad,
Robin Friend, Sebastian Beierle,
Laura Feliu, Max Searl ,
Tristan Spinski, Silvana Trevale,
Thomas Maxwell, Rory Blair.

Text by Ed Carr

Edition of 100